Testing for Dyslexia 

If your child is having a problem in school, your school system may already have done a multi-factored evaluation (commonly referred to as an MFE). This should consist of a battery of individually administered tests in areas such as reading, spelling, and math as well as an evaluation of language skills--both expressive and receptive.  In addition, an individually administered test of cognitive abilities (a rough guide to what ought to be expected of this child), such as the Wechsler  Intelligence Scale for Children (commonly referred to as the WISC), would have been performed.  If this testing has not been done and your child is struggling, you ought to request it in writing, and be sure to date your request.  If your child is in a public school, you should be entitled to have these tests done at no cost to you. 

Once this testing has been done, (or, in some cases even if it hasn't been done) we can perform our testing for dyslexia. Our tests generally involve two sessions of about two hours each, and usually consist of a truly in-depth look at how your child processes language, how (s)he processes visual and auditory information, and whether he or she is dyslexic and to what degree.  You will receive a comprehensive written report of the findings with specific recommendations. 

To discuss the possibility of testing for your child or to arrange for it, phone us at 
(419) 472-4554 and talk to either Jean Armus or Tammy Alexander. 

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